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The Montalvo House

When sustainability was a lifestyle, not a goal.

This two room caliche and cedar post building was built in 1887.  We want to restore it as an educational experience for both our local youth and community.

Hello and Welcome to The Montalvo House

The Montalvo House is a Texas Domestic nonprofit Corporation, 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, maintenance and management of the Montalvo House, a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark, and its associated property located in Brackettville, Texas.  The two room building that you see in the photo above sits on four city lots.  Our mission is to restore the property back to its historic roots of 125 years ago when the Montalvo family raised nine children in this small two room home.  Their acreage was covered with an orchard and edible plants.  A hand built rock well, located at the center of the property, provided water not only for their family but also served as the public well for the townspeople.  This was a time when sustainability was a lifestyle, not a goal, so we would like to restore the property back to its roots, and in the process, perhaps inspire our local youth and community to think and incorporate sustainable options into their own lifestyles.

2014:  Stabilization Complete!

We now have a new Certi-Sawn Red Cedar Shake Roof, a stabilized foundation, and concrete mortar free interior walls.  Now our windows are being restored as we move forward into Phase II.

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