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The Montalvo House is a Texas Domestic Nonprofit Corporation that was awarded 501(c)(3) status on August 6, 2010.   We are utilizing the restoration of Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 3440, which sits on four city lots in Brackettville, Kinney County, Texas, as a springboard to develop a community gathering space and visitors site that will enable all of our immediate community members as well as visitors a space to enjoy this historic property.  We began by our restoration of RHTL3440, which is now in Phase III of its restoration.  Then, in 2011, we began hosting a Farm-To-Table Market at the front of the historic property.  Now, we would like to expand that market to include a rear seating area with a small coffee/tea/snack bar that would give our visitors a chance to visit not only our museum-in-the-making, but also our lovely Southwest Texas culture.  In addition, we would like to include a small children's playground for young parents, as well as a demonstration kitchen to teach our younger generation how to cook farm fresh produce.  Your assistance can help us bring this dream to life.  Donate today!

Yldefonso Montalvo (1855-1941) and his wife Guadalupe Reschman Montalvo (1868-1953) built Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 3440 in 1887. He was the educated son of an English mother and a Mexican father.  She was a descendant of the Reschman family of German descent.  Mr. and Mrs. Montalvo raised nine children in the home and on the associated property. The building was awarded the distinction as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1979, and was given Texas Historic Marker 3440, which it bears today. The original land grant, of which only four city lots remain, was awarded to Francisco Salinas on May 15, 1854, via Bounty Warrant #1602 by Adjutant General James G. Gillette of Fort Clark.  The land grant was for Mr. Salinas' military service in the Storming of Bexar, the first of the four engagements of the Texas War of Independence that culminated in the Battle of The Alamo.  The property was home to a farm, a fruit orchard and a public water well, which still exists today.

The Montalvo House nonprofit organization utilizes the restoration of RHTL3440 and its associated property as an educational platform that focuses on two primary areas: (1) affordable and sustainable construction methodologies and (2) sustainable food supplies.  At this time the organization is teaching the dying art of lime/caliche plaster, which is made from fermented cactus juice, aggregate sand and caliche (ground limestone).  This construction methodology not only uses all local and sustainable materials, but also provides excellent insulation and bug retardation.  The Montalvo House also operates a Farm-To-Table Organic Market, a vital component of this small, rural community.  Located at the center of a four county-wide area that is rated as a Food Desert by the USDA, The Montalvo House Farm-To-Table Market brings farm fresh, certified organic produce to customers that span over 7,000 square miles.  

The Montalvo House is currently raising funds to expand its existing Farm-To-Table Organic Market.  As the rendition below shows, the organization believes that by integrating a community gathering space for their visitors, this will stimulate the economic development of the entire community.  Visitors will be able to enjoy the historic site in a kids-friendly, safe environment, while also visiting other local businesses for meals, gasoline and arts and crafts.  The planned market expansion will include a hands-on cooking demonstration area where those not so familiar with cooking fresh foods can learn how to prepare local foods they otherwise would never think of.  The expansion will also highlight regular tours of Recorded Texas Historic Landmark 3440 upon completion of its restoration and museum status.


Our continued goals for the restoration of the historic Montalvo House building are linked below. Proceeds from the market along with grants, donations, and volunteer hours are all vital to the completion of our historic restoration projects.

The Montalvo House is a member of the following organizations: 

  • Texas Pecos Trail Region (Texas Historical Commission)

  • Texas Association of Non-Profit Organizations (TANO)

  • Kinney County Chamber of Commerce

  • Kinney County Historic Commission