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Our market is now open the first weekend of each month.
First Friday 2pm-8pm
First Saturday 8am-2pm

We sell fresh-from-the-farm Certified Organic Produce, Grass Fed Beef, Farm Fresh Eggs and much more!



Fridays 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Saturdays 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

About us

Since the Montalvo House historic property was home to a farm and orchard 130 years ago, we believed that restoration of Recorded Historic Landmark 3440 was not enough, we wanted to restore the lifestyle as well.  So in November of 2011 we started the first Farm-To-Table Organic Market in what is a five county-wide USDA rated food desert/low access food area.  Having no organic farms in our county, we purchased a refrigerated van (thanks to a grant from the USDA) that permits us to drive to existing organic farms within a 200 mile radius.  We now provide over 18 small Texas producers with a retail outlet for their organic products.  We have a full range of vegetables, fruit, hormone and antibiotic free grass fed beef, bison, farm fresh eggs, organic chickens, fresh baked bread and a variety of other products.  

Is your produce USDA certified organic?

Absolutely, 100%.  We only carry USDA certified organic produce.  Our hormone and antibiotic free grass fed beef comes from a rancher that is certified by the American Grass Fed Association.  We take great pride that each of our local Texas producers are all licensed and certified.

Do you have
your own farm?

Not Yet!  We are currently working on the development of an educationally based certified organic farm in our immediate area. This farm will offer real-time educational courses in organic farming for both adults and youth. Until we achieve that goal, we currently partner with over 18 small, local Texas farms to provide all of the products that we currently offer. Depending on the season, 60-80% of the produce we carry is fresh from the farm, and 100% of the produce that we carry is certified organic.  

Are you open
year round?

Yes, we are open on Fridays and Saturdays the first week of each month all year.  

This is our dream

We have a dream, and that is to expand our current market, which does not afford our visitors a place to sit and enjoy our historic property, with an community gathering space, a coffee/tea/snack bar, a children's play area and a demonstration kitchen where we could demonstrate easy-to-fix meals using our farm fresh, certified organic goods.  Here's a photo of what we plan and hope you might consider donating to assist us in our fundraising campaign that will make it so!



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Our dream

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One great way to receive our weekly price lists as well as information about the market is to sign up for our mailing list.  We do not abuse emails.  We just send out one on Mondays with Yes or No as to whether or not the market is going to be open that weekend for those that forget holiday weekends, and then we send out one on either Thursday afternoon or Friday mornings with that week's price list attached.