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Compadre Club

  • Membership $25 Per Year

  • Benefits

    • Access to Online Store for Pre-Ordering

    • Free Order Pick-up! Don't stand in-line.

    • Option for Delivery at Select Locations

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How much does it cost?

Montalvo House Compadre Memberships cost $25 per year.  Here is the link where you can register and pay for your membership.  Once that is completed, we will contact you via email and/or phone (as sometimes our emails get caught in spam folders) so that may get your delivery address, delivery time preferences, etc. to ensure that your orders arrive as expected.  Once we have that in hand, you can simply go to our online store, sign in, and place your order.

How does it work?

Our Online Store service functions in many ways likes a CSA - Community Supported Agriculture.  In a CSA you are required to purchase one season of produce at the beginning of the season to assist the farmer with their seasonal overhead.  Well, we don't require that you purchase an entire season of food from us, but we do require that you become a Montalvo House Compadre Member.  Through this membership, which costs $25 per year, we have your name, payment options, delivery address and contact information on file so that all of our deliveries may be coordinated.

How often can I order?

Where do you deliver?

Online Store orders can be placed Tuesday through Thursdays, with deliveries the Friday of that same week between the hours of 2pm - 6pm.

At this time our delivery services are limited to Laughlin AFB and the downtown area of Del Rio.  We may add delivery services to the Amistad area and other areas of Del Rio, but not at this time.  If you are not sure if you are within our area, please call the office at 830-563-3443 and we will check our delivery map and see if we can work you in.

If I order online, do you have to deliver or can I simply pick it up?

Our Online Store is available to both local as well as delivery customers.  When you order, our checkout page will ask if you want it delivered and/or just held for pickup.  Please note that if you order for local pickup and do not show up before closing time at 2pm, your order will be donated to a local family in need.  Under no circumstances will we refund your purchase price if you fail to come in and pick it up.

Do I have to be home for you to deliver?

Not necessarily.  Some customers leave ice chests by their front door if they are not going to be able to be home when their delivery is scheduled.  On each checkout, you will be required to acknowledge that The Montalvo House is not responsible for any spoilage or damage to your delivery items if they are left in this fashion.  We certainly don't recommend it in the hot summer Texas months, and particularly if you are ordering meat products.  That being said, if you want us to leave your order in an ice chest, we will do so, but only with the above understanding.

Can I change my delivery address once an order is placed?

Unfortunately not.  Once all orders are placed we map our delivery route.  That cannot be changed at the last minute.  So, once you have placed your order and given us your delivery address, that is where your order will be delivered.  Obviously the next time  you order with us, you can change the address, if it is within our delivery map area.  It is best that you give us a heads-up, please, with as much notice as possible that you are changing the location.

Can I order for friends?

Of course, but you would need to sort each friend's order at your location.  Another option would be for each friend to order their own, then all give the same delivery address.  That way each member would have their order sorted and ready to go.

Do I have to pay to see what products you have to offer?

Of course not!  If  you go to our market page, we post our weekly price list that lists all of the produce and meats that we will have to offer for that week.  As for our other products, such as freshly baked bread, local olive oil, goat's milk soap, farm fresh eggs, and all of our meat products, these items are available through our online store.  If you don't know our full range of products, we suggest that you visit our market store to see all we have to offer.

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