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Use AmazonSmile!


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How your fundraising efforts will be used

Here at The Montalvo House, our monthly overhead, which includes electricity (average of $250), insurance (both auto and property - $130), telephones (both cell and LAN line - $145), utilities ($65), Porto-potty ($195), Landscape service ($300), refrigeration lease ($320), and misc supplies ($150) runs us about $1700/month.  Our profit from our Farm-To-Table Market brings in about $1,100 per month.  As such, for our organization to keeps its doors open, we are engaging in a 2020 fundraising campaign for $24,000 (calculated at $2,000/month) that will ensure that we have adequate funding to keep our doors open.  Then, any and all profit that we bring in from the market can be used to build our dream shown to the right.  A community gathering space available to all so that our entire community can enjoy this historic property.  Won't you help us achieve this dream?